Institute Sponsors


Leadership is not a matter of personality, it is a set of behaviors and attitudes that can be learned and implemented. Each time we have sponsored a woman from Montana State University to attend a HERS Institute, she returns to campus with the confidence to think big and transform her environment. She can do something that can have a lasting impact on not only her and her family but also for the institution she serves.

– Waded Cruzado, President, Montana State University

Since 1976, over 1,200 institutions, covering all Carnegie Classifications, have sponsored women to attend one of the three HERS Leadership InstitutesHERS Denver, HERS Bryn Mawr and HERS Wellesley. By supporting a woman to attend an Institute, each sponsor is not only furthering the development of a woman leader but making an investment to enrich their institution in the short and long-term. HERS graduates return to their campus with skills and competencies based on the HERS Leadership Development Model that can immediately impact her campus and influence higher education.


Institutional sponsors select HERS for developing women leaders for a variety of reasons.


HERS is a nationally and internationally active leadership development organization with over 40 years of experience. With partners including ACE, AAC&U, and ACPA, HERS is at the forefront of trends in higher education, which inform the Leadership Institute curriculum and outreach initiatives.


Whether selecting HERS Denver, Bryn Mawr or Wellesley, participants experience the same transformational curriculum. The HERS Leadership Development Model centers on three core areas:

  • Institutional Awareness
  • Networking
  • Self-knowledge.

Connecting the focus areas and serving as the Institute capstone is the leadership project. For this, participants assess the major goals and initiatives occurring on their campus and how their leadership may have an impact on outcomes. The personal case studies are then workshopped throughout the Institute leading to meaningful peer collaboration and new resources for implementation.

Faculty & Staff

HERS faculty members are central to participants’ experience and success during an Institute. They are sought after practitioners in their respective fields who are well-informed on higher education trends, scholarship, and research. Faculty members include: chief financial and budget officers, chief or senior academic officers, general counsel, and chief advancement officers. HERS Alumnae and Board Members are also regular guests, panelists, advisors and mentors. These same faculty members also continually assess the curriculum, measuring outcomes and ensuring that it reflects the highest teaching and learning standards in academe.

HERS is also proud to have dynamic, intergenerational staff to deliver the Institutes and other leadership development programming.


As a woman is accepted into a HERS Institute, she, as well as her sponsoring institution, becomes part of the HERS Community, a rich resource made up of HERS participants, alumnae, faculty members, Board Members, advocates, and partners. HERS Community members empower each other and collectively support women’s leadership in a variety of sectors. As an institute sponsor, you also become part of a wider effort to advance women leaders on your campus and in higher education.

Institutional Recruiting

Many schools that sponsor women to attend a HERS Institute, have an internal recruiting process to identify and select well-qualified candidates. Institutional recruiting is different for every campus; however, we have identified best practices that may benefit your school. HERS has also developed partnerships with institutions that regularly sponsor women to attend, which often streamlines the application process.

To learn more about how HERS can help with internal recruiting on your campus and for possible partnerships, please email or call (303) 871-6802.